Occupational Health and Safety Policy

JEDROC Consulting Services Ltd. is committed to the occupational health and safety for our employees. Our commitment is expressed in our Occupational Health and Safety Policy. We are committed to a strong Safety Management System that will provide all employees, contractors, subcontractors, and visitors with a safe and healthy working environment. This policy is integral to JEDROC’s commitment to our compliance culture.

Health and safety

Our firm is registered as an Individual Owner Operator (IOO) with the B.C. Forest Safety Council.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

MANAGEMENT is responsible:

  • To set the example of a culture that fosters employee’s well-being
  • To provide all employees with the proper equipment and training to perform assigned tasks
  • To bear the responsibility for implementing an effective health and safety program that complies with all legal requirements.

SUPERVISORS are responsible:

  • For the successful implementation and establishment of specific programs that will ensure all employees are provided with adequate training to conduct safe work
  • To monitor the work place to minimize hazardous conditions and practices
  • To have a working knowledge and adhere to all applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation


  • To perform their duties in accordance to company policies and procedures.
  • To have a working knowledge of and adhere to all applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
  • For the company’s overall safety initiatives.

VISITORS are responsible:

  • To meet all requirements for the work site and follow instructions of the company representative at the site.

JEDROC Consulting Services Ltd. believes that working in such a manner that promotes a healthy and safe workplace for all employees must be a way of life.

As the BC Forest Safety Council states: Unsafe is UNACCEPTABLE!
Download and view our Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

JEDROC Occupational Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

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  1. I totally agree with the concept of “occupational health and safety “, as it is not only beneficial for employees but also beneficial for the employers. Thanks for sharing in detail.

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