Solid foundationJEDROC Consulting Services Ltd. has provided services to our clients since 1996 and our longevity is due to our commitment to integrity, fairness, prosperity, and passion.

Excellent service delivery has been the foundation supported by our senior personnel and their diverse experience.

We have also chosen our associates based on our commitment. Our initial business opportunities were the forest sector and now we provide a broad range of services across the natural resources spectrum.

“A solid foundation provides opportunities for growth in any business climate”

JEDROC believes our foundation provides us with the key knowledge required whether we consult to industry, government or the aboriginal community. This key knowledge allows us to meet any challenge head-on and provide cost effective yet practical solutions delivery.

Our corporate size allows us flexibility and reduced overhead costs, but ensures senior personnel are involved during each stage of a project: initial, ongoing and to completion. Working in this “hands-on-environment” ensures the integrity of any project, large or small.

Our Focus

JEDROC focuses on cost effective yet practical solutions for your business, whether the service is health, safety, environment or sustainability. Organizations have to be ready to adapt to a business climate that has an ever changing set of “goal posts”, whether regulatory or voluntary.

Core valuesWe are innovative in our day-to-day activities, yet we continue to deliver a product to a high standard. Our beliefs in proven business principles with verifiable checks and balances allow for project success that ensures economic, social, environment, and sustainability values are met.

Our mantra: “Applying proven business principles to provide outside-of-the-box solutions”

“JEDROC’s commitment to our core values and service delivery provide your organization with a business advantage leading to growth and the opportunity to rise above your competition”