Compliance Assurance

JEDROC Consulting Services Ltd. specializes in compliance assurance. We are committed to our compliance culture throughout our company and extend that culture to the services we provide our clients.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance Assurance

Compliance for an organization comes from their commitments or compliance obligations. It can be a compliance requirement which is regulatory or it can be a compliance commitment which is a commitment the organization chooses to comply with and is usually a voluntary commitment. A voluntary commitment can be organizational and industry standards, contractual relationships, community and ethical standards.

We have actively promoted a compliance culture since 1994 and have conducted compliance audits since 1997 for the natural resource sector:

  • Oil and gas
  • Independent power
  • Forest operations
  • Independent contractors
  • Fish farms
  • Government agencies

Compliance Assurance Services

We believe our strong commitment to compliance and we offer compliance services tailored to your organizational requirements:

  • Compliance assurance:
    • Compliance assurance program development and/or implementation
    • Utilization of applicable statutes, regulations, and/or codes of practice for jurisdictions where your organization has business activities
    • Compliance assurance program – gap analysis
    • Compliance assurance audits

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